Goat Hike + Winery

What could be better than a gorgeous hike through the Ozark mountains? To do it with a group of goats leading the way! Join us for this insanely unique day Exploring the Ozarks with our friends from Snake Mountain Pack Goats.
In partnership with Snake Mountain Pack Goats, a non-profit that assists veterans that are disables and/or have PTSD to get outside more often with the assistance of pack goats. Their trips offer both physical and mental benefits to those that gave so much, so that we can enjoy our time outdoors!
We will do a 3.5 mile loop hike around Devil’s Den State Park, where we will get to see waterfalls, caves and incredible views of the below landscape. The goats can amaze you by carrying some of your baggage or just entertain you as they lead the way with incredible balance with their packs and saddles on their backs! Along the way, we will learn about the local flora and fauna as well as the natural history of this incredible area!
After our hike, we will head to Sassafras Winery for some wine tasting and social relaxation. Enjoy the large outdoor deck and talk with new friends after the unique day outside. You will be sure to head home refreshed from the day outside and with many selfies with your new 4-legged friends!